In a mere span of 10 days since commencing the course and embracing your detox diet, I have been astounded by the dramatic transformation in my face, jawline, skin texture, and overall body. The changes felt almost miraculous. I find myself more toned, and my muscles have attained a newfound relaxation, rendering me a sense of lightness and enhanced flexibility. My hips, once rigid, have now regained a level of openness and flexibility that had eluded me for decades. Remarkably, even the shape of my nose has undergone a subtle shift, accompanied by a newfound sense of openness in my eyes and sinuses. Breathing has become effortless, bestowing a seamless grace to everything around me. There's a gentle softness that pervades my voice, face, and entire body. I feel deeply connected to my breath, body, and feminine energy like never before.
Chaitali Khune
Working with Mandana was absolutely amazing! During the session the energy field she created was both powerful and palpable. The energy inside of this, during our session was far greater than ourselves. Towards the end I actually felt my DNA activating. It was like a swirl of light traveling down my spine in the shape of a double helix. Afterwards I felt a shift in the way I delivered energy to my own clients.

To work with Mandana subtly shifted the healing frequencies I could deliver to my own clients. I completely recommend working with her. She is magic.
Dr. Michael Lande
I am earnestly compelled to recommend an exceptional woman from the depths of my heart – Mandana, a veritable powerhouse of healing. Her guidance has been pivotal in restoring balance to my facial paralysis and releasing obsolete patterns that no longer serve me. The transformation she has facilitated has brought forth happiness, health, and radiance into my life. Mandana, my gratitude knows no bounds. I am shining brightly, and it's all thanks to you.
I can tell for sure since our first session I feel magic, I feel my power, I see miracles, I see the universe guiding me. I feel a stronger intuition than ever before.

It's so effortless now. I no longer feel pressure, fear or anxiety. I feel in I am finally in control.
Anna Chuzmarova
Mandana, my initial contact with you coincided with the announcement of your Quantum Healing sessions, and I was intuitively drawn to participate. As our journey began, I grappled with ingrained patterns, fearing weight gain if I stopped detoxing or ate slightly more. However, the focus has evolved beyond mere physical concerns. I now experience a profound lightness intertwined with a grounded sense of contentment. My alignment with the intention of this endeavor—elevating on a quantum and DNA level—has reshaped my perspective. While tangible physical changes are undeniable, the most profound transformation lies in my mental and emotional landscape. I've learned to release and embrace, replacing the instinct to fill voids with food. This journey of letting go has been a loving and transformative process.
Ghazal Ahangaran
I want to thank Mandana for the healing she has done for me and my whole family! we have all noticed drastic changes in how we live our day to day lives. She helped my mother letting go of her long gone father who passed away years back to cross over and free my mom of grief and agony. Now my mother has returned a happy woman to her husband, my father who has also changed in the relationship. We are all so grateful for what she has done for us! For me I notice how much deeper I can actually breathe now, lost much weight and to say even my temper has almost vanished. I am now more aware of toxic patterns around me as I continue to release. We all look forward to more sessions with Mandana and I cannot recommend her enough to my friends and relatives!!!
Yasmina Bakau
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