2 month online transformational guided journey  (Book your free 15- min consultation)  $4444 

Mandana is excited to partake with you on a private journey to Upgrade your DNA!  This program is the knowledge and essence drawn from her 12 years of dedicated self-healing, profound self-discovery, and an unwavering commitment to expanding consciousness. It has been thoughtfully curated to empower you through the utilization of her unique abilities, creating a nurturing space where you begin to heal. 

Through Mandana’s soothing voice and compassionate presence you begin to feel an encapsulation of love that emanates and fills every pocket within your soul that requires care. The purpose is to help you realize the magnitude of your presence in this life and infinite self. 

Within each session through the journey she uses her clairvoyance and unique gifts to generate frequencies through the resonance of her voice, expertly crafted into guided meditations that pull you into the present moment. The benefit of working with someone like Mandana who has elevated to her higher dimensional consciousness  acts as a catalyst to igniting your body’s innate intelligence to heal itself while concurrently allowing her to scan and facilitate the evolution of entangled genes.

Program Overview:
Stretching over 2 months, this program with Mandana’s guidance you begin to reach new heights within yourself releasing limitations at a genetic level for yourself and your family lineage.

Phase 1 - Awakening Your DNA:

In the initial phase of the program, Mandana uses her abilities to scan you through each session as she receives streams of genetic information from your family lineage and release energies that limit the true potential of your full experience of  life each moment. 

As the energies begin to flow within you through the program, as a support a nutritional detox is provided to help the core of your cellular regeneration.

Phase 2 - Elevating Your Being:

After the one week interval break for integration, the second phase begins and you begin to feel more strength, stability and inner guidance. Mandana continues to guide you through each sessions helping you begin to walk in the new self regenerated.

Just like a new born, you begin to see life with heightened levels of joy and excitement.


Celebrating Your Courage! “ Allow me to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you for embarking on this courageous odyssey of soul-level transformation. By partaking in this journey, you are not only instigating change within yourself but also actively contributing to the healing and evolution of your entire family lineage! Your journey resonates through the interconnected branches of your soul family tree, infusing it with healing energy and transformative growth.” ~ Mandana


Empowering Transformation: This program is a portal to newer versions of you! 

A Proven Record: With a transformative impact on hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals, Mandana has cultivated a track record of awakening their ability to master their realities and life’s ongoing waves. The methodologies embedded in this program consistently guide individuals toward profound shifts and self-empowerment.

Guided Transformation: Throughout this voyage, the extraordinary healing gifts serve as a rebirthing vessel fostering an environment for you to coming closer to flourish to your dream self.  This transformational journey, though intense, mirrors the principles of detoxification, culminating in the realization of your grand self in all living and non-living.

Supporting Your Evolution: As you progress through the program, anticipate a spectrum of shifts—emotions such as loss, sadness, and even physical sensations. These markers indicate the release of long-held limiting patterns, paving the way for a profound alignment with your authentic self and the activation of your body’s innate magnificent healing capabilities.

Embracing the Journey:
Consider that this program’s benefits can extend beyond a single transformative journey. As the universe continues to expand within and around you periodic attunements and upgrades can serve to enhance your life experience. It is advised that you explore the possibility of partaking in this program as many times a year times a year, as feasible however you will be intuitively guided whenever you need a check in. The ongoing attunement can support and enhance your path toward heightened levels of  consciousness and wellness.

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